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What is Lumina Park?

Illumination Park is a multimedia walk through a fairyland created by light, sound and storytelling! Our magical light installations make the short and cold winter days a little longer and warmer.


Each season is unique for us, and the Parks and installations themes change every year. This way you never know what to expect, and we can constantly surprise you.

Lumina Park isn’t only about the light! It's also an atmospheric music, passionate storytelling, and a place to educate and encounter art!

We are an attraction available for different age groups. Whether you are planning an enchanting walk with your family, a romantic date for two, or a meetup with your friends.

A unique game waits for you in each Park to get to know our Park better and test your knowledge.

Our Park complies with energy standards. We are #eco. #LedsAreEco.

Lumina Park in numbers

11 locations

In total, our parks are located in 11 charming European cities, including Eindhoven, Prague, Sofia, Budapest (2 locations), Vilnius (2 locations), Wroclaw, Poznan, Bydgoszcz, Lublin! Each of these places tells a unique story, full of magic.

35 art installations

All of our parks feature an impressive number of 35 art installations, designed by nine talented European artists.

Countless steps

Walking through our park, you can cover as many as 2,000 steps. But we are sure that when you come back to see your favorite part again, this number will increase significantly!


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