Education & Gamification

Education as a Core Aspect

At Lumina Parks, we believe that education is a crucial aspect of our experience. That is why we carefully design our paths and narration in collaboration with our partners, taking into account the unique features of each location.

To date, we have created seven educational parks – the Botanical Journey, Secret Garden and History of Light at the Botanic Garden of Lublin, the Magical Forest, Movies Forest and Botanical Journey at the Poznan Arboretum, Story of Light at the Botanic Garden of Vilnius – providing visitors with an immersive educational experience that combines nature and culture.

Our Approach to Education

Designing and installing educational light boards in every zone of our parks.
Illuminating educational objects such as trees, plants, and buildings.
Providing visitors with maps containing educational quizzes to enhance the learning experience.

An Immersive Gamified Experience

We aim to create an immersive experience at Lumina Parks that blends light, music, and storytelling. To achieve this, we give each visitor an access to online application with riddles and crosswords related to the park’s sights and sounds. These features allow visitors to engage with our story, resulting in an interactive and engaging experience for everyone.